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EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services

Our EPC team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world. Offering “turnkey” working systems with our set structures in place, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.

Complete Services
Sunlight Energy is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement, construction and beyond, Sunlight Energy’s team of experienced experts can provide:
Single Point of contact
As an inclusive EPC provider, Sunlight Energy is able to retain their position as a single point of contact for all solar energy needs. Sunlight Energy’s in-house team of experts strive to continuously push the boundaries of solar designs by selecting components based on highest standards in reliability and extendibility. Sunlight Energy’s comprehensive experience ensures cost effective engineering solutions for even the most complex projects with R.O.I. in mind. Sunlight Energy has the ability to deliver projects on-budget and on-time due to their immense experience in providing global EPC services. Our commitment to efficiency and organization guarantees accelerated investment recovery in the long run.


Harvest nature’s most powerful energy: the Sun. With Sunlight Energy, installing and generating your energy needs with the help of Sunlight Energy has never been easier.

    • Residential Home
    • Carport
    • On/off grid systems

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Commercial/Industrial: An EPC provider geared towards your success.

Incorporating solar power generation in your commercial and industrial applications has never been easier. Why waste precious real estate or install costly systems? Sunlight Energy can help your business achieve success. Here are some of the many ways solar energy can work for you:

    • On-Grid Rooftop
    • Infrastructure Street Lighting
    • Telecommunication Towers
    • Carport

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Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants

In the wake of depleting fossil fuel reserves and soaring high prices, solar power generation offers a quiet, environmentally friendly solution for large scale energy production.

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Off-Grid Systems

    In rural and remote locations, it can be difficult and expensive to rely on the typical on-grid electricity system. Sunlight Energy’s off-grid solar power systems offer an easy, reliable, environmentally-friendly independent energy production solution.

    • Agricultural Farming Operations
    • Home Retreats

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24/7 Solar Monitoring Services

Sunlight Energy’s monitoring system gives you total peace of mind and control over your system and energy production. We’re always available and verifying your system so you don’t have to.

    • Site inspections
    • System cleaning
    • Mechanical & Electrical inspection
    • off-site troubleshooting support
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • My Sunlight® Monitoring platform accessible through multiple devices

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